Custom Fabricated Straps

Custom Fabricated Straps

Please email, phone or fax us for our discounted pricing. For faster quotes, please include size (width and length), color and quantity when making your inquiry.

Our straps can be customized to any specifications of length, width and color. They can be ultrasonically welded or stitched. Metal and plastic hardware is available. The various hook ends that are available include half-round, bullet, straight tip, and EZ-peel tabs. In addition, custom printing, various holes, grommets, eyelets, etc. can also be inserted as needed. Various sample types are as follows:


Cinch Strap:   Reusable, high strength hook and loop strap with either a plastic or metal ring on one end. This strap's strength lies in the plastic or metal rectangular loop attached at one end. By wrapping the material around a rectangular loop, the stress is transferred to the hardware and away from the shear strength of the hook & loop material. Hook up, loop up, with plastic or metal hardware. Shown in use with a black plastic rectangular loop.
Face Strap:   Fully adjustable and reusable cinching strap which folds back onto itself to engage. This type of strap is typically bolted to another object to hold it in place; washer-reinforcement is available upon request for added strength.  Shown here with red loop and a white bullet style hook tip.
Back Strap:   Fully adjustable and reusable cinching strap that wraps around forming a circle and engages onto itself. Similar to the cinch strap in the way it's used, but not as durable. Hook up, loop down, without buckle. Shown in use with navy blue loop and a white half-round hook tip.

Different style tips are available to suite your preferences. Take a look at the 4 options we have for you below!
Bullet Hook Tip Peel Tab Hook Tip Round Hook Tip Straight Hook Tip

Bullet Hook Tip

Peel Tab Hook Tip

Round Hook Tip

Straight Hook Tip

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