Zipper Pulls

Zipper Pulls

Our Zipper Pulls come in two styles, "Pin Lock" or Long Pull Non-Lock. The Pin Lock "locks" into place when in the flat position so that the zipper chain will not unzip until the pull is pulled upon. This zipper pull is most commonly seen on pants. The long pull does not lock into place and makes it easy to zip on-zip off. Commonly seen on jackets and gym bags.

Zipper pulls are sold in 100 piece bags.  Full sized bags are available and quantities differ in full size bags according to the size of the zipper pull. 

Our Zipper Pulls are manufactured to the highest quality and industry standard and work well with our Zipper Chain and are compatible with most other manufactured zipper chaing. While no known issues exist, please note we cannot guarantee the perfromance of our Zipper Pulls with zipper chains of other manufacturers. 

For more information on our Zipper Pulls, please call our Sales Office and one of our fully trained Sales Associates will be happy to assist you.

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